Dorm rooms can be exciting, but they can also become extremely cluttered very easily. However, there are many ways you can organize your dorm to become more efficient in both cleanliness and helping you keep up with your studies. Remember – just because dorm rooms are small, doesn’t mean they can’t become a home.


Organize with Tape

The first – and arguably cheapest – hack to better organize your dorm is by getting colored tape. Not only will it make things easier to find, but it will also keep your roommate from “accidentally” taking your things.

Go to any dollar store to get your tape. The best thing to do is not just get different colors, but different designs and patterns. This way when you coat your objects, you will be able to easily identify them even from a distance.

You can also use this method toward your studies – place different color/designed tapes on each note regarding a different subject. Also coat different notebooks, textbooks, and anything else with your studies so you can easily identify and get to that subject.


Utilize A Calendar/Whiteboard

One of the biggest challenges new students face when the move into their first dorm room is the inclusion of a roommate. Unless you’re one of the lucky people who have separate bedrooms, it’s entirely possible that you will be sharing a single room. For this reason, it’s a great idea that you both utilize a calendar that allows you to schedule study time.

Roommates can be distracting. Simple things like listening to music loudly or talking on the phone can take away from your focus when you need to grind for an exam. By both of you utilizing a calendar, you can schedule ‘quiet’ times where there will be no distractions during your study session.


Shoe Hangers

Shoes can very easily become one of the most cluttered items in a dorm, especially if both you and your roommate own multiple pairs. They can also become a tripping hazard and can cause injury which is why it’s important to get it organized.

A shoe hanger can easily rectify all of these potential hazards. These nifty organization items allow you to hang multiple shoe bags up in your closet so that you no longer have to keep them on the floor. In a dorm that doesn’t have much space to begin with, this can have a big effect on space clearing.


While dorms are exciting, they can also become very disorganized very quickly. With these simple tips, you can make sure that your dorm room is efficient for your stress levels and study habits. While dorm rooms are fun, they are also a place where you will need to finish homework and study so make sure it’s set up as such!