Short answer, when it’s provisional. Some schools are practising something new called provisional admission, and it’s just what it sounds like. Let’s take a look at just what provisional admissions means – and what it can mean for you.

Making a Provisional Admissions Program Work for You

In most cases, provisional acceptance is based upon what you do with the remainder of your senior year. California state schools, for instance, require you maintain at least a 3.0 GPA through your senior year, without any D’s or F’s.

Generally speaking, colleges don’t want you succumbing to “senioritis” – and, consequently, bringing down their rating when your final stats are tallied.

That said, provisional acceptances are close to a sure thing – you just need to maintain the things that got you to this point: Keeping grades and attendance up, for starters.

A Unique Opportunity

You won’t find this anywhere else in the college planning space. It’s an “inside look” at your college funding situation with an authorized college funding advisor – absolutely free.

I’ll help you figure out where you stand, including whether or not you can lower your expected family contribution (EFC) – and maximize your eligibility for financial aid. What’s more – you set the date and time for the call.

But what if something happens that could affect your provisional admission?

Colleges may be lenient in the case of unforeseen events – major illnesses or a death in the family, for instance. If you’ve got extenuating circumstances, you can make a strong case for yourself.

For those who do cross the line and lose their acceptance, provisional acceptance offers are usually rescinded in July or August – after all other acceptances are closed.

So, not only would you lose your top choice of schools – you’d have lost every backup as well.

Keep up the good work, and the provisional admission can be a great thing, especially if you get a provisional letter of admission during your junior year of high school.

To find out if the college or university you’re interested in offers some type of provisional admission, simply contact their admissions office.