Many people don’t give much thought to the organizations and clubs that schools have to offer. When the homework and tests start piling on, it’s easy for an extracurricular activity to be placed at the back of your mind. However, there are a ton of benefits to joining these clubs. We’ve compiled some reasons why joining an organization/club can benefit your education experience.


You Can Use Skills You’ve Learned in Your Classes

One of the first benefits to joining a school club is that you will be able to use the skills you’ve learned in class and apply them to various situations. Clubs are there to give students real world experience in an educational environment. By giving students an outlet that allows them to utilize the skills they’ve learned in the classroom, not only does it help you remember the skills you’ve learned – but master those skills as well.


Networking Opportunities

The other great aspect of school clubs/organizations is the networking opportunities that it provides. Many of these clubs will allow to you meet professionals in the field that your club is based around, and can give you tips on how to succeed in that field.

Another aspect of the networking opportunities in place are the students themselves. Meeting new students and building relationships with them can help you in your future employment search. This is because everyone in the said organization/club has the same interests – and may have other connections that can be of value to you.


Leadership Skills

School clubs provide you with opportunities to raise in the ranks. With enough effort, you can become a leader or an officer in the organization. This will be a huge boost for your leadership skills, and will also provide you with the skillset of managing, working with a time and problem solve. These skills are invaluable and will help you in whatever career path you pursue in the future.


Resume Building

Lastly, joining a school club looks very good on a resume. Many people don’t realize that these clubs can be put on a resume as it isn’t a job, but it’s definitely something that employers are interested in seeing. Showing that you were a part of a school club shows that you are dedicated to knowledge, you want to build your repertoire of skills that help to better your future. It shows initiative, and will show that you are a great asset to any team.


Joining a school club is great for a variety of reasons. It builds leadership skills, gives networking opportunities and is great to put on a resume. Many people brush off school clubs as just an extracurricular activity, but by joining one you could be bettering your future!