SAT & ACT Test Preparation

Whether you believe that standardized tests are a proper measure of a student’s ability or not is irrelevant. It’s impossible for admissions officers to read thousands of essays and sift through every applicant’s high school transcript. SAT and ACT scores play an important part in who is considered for admittance and who is not.

Merit-based and Need-based financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants are based in large part upon a student’s SAT or ACT score. The money that you spend on test prep can be returned to you many times over through financial aid and scholarships.

It is precisely because of this that within our Advanced Placement package we include proprietary software to help coach your student to maximize their SAT & ACT test results using little-known strategies for boosting scores.

SAT Test

ACT Test

The SAT is a standardized test used for admissions into college. It’s run by the College Board, a non-profit organization, and it is used to assess a person’s readiness for college. It is set-up in a manner to reflect the different kind of course work that your average student would be doing in high-school.

This test allows schools to look at your data about how you compare amongst your peers nationwide. This is the key as to why the SAT test is so important. This test isn’t just what determines whether or not you get into the school – but if you can get into the school with scholarships. Many students just aim for the score needed to get their foot in the door – College Star Counseling wants to make your child exceed and get in with scholarships.

The ACT test is similar to the SAT in many ways. It is a nationally administered, standardized test that helps colleges assess the applicants. You can now interchange your ACT and SAT scores when applying to college, so you can pick the test based on which you think you’ll perform better in.

There are a few key differences to the ACT test when comparing to the SAT test. For one, the ACT test focuses on 4 key sections: English, Math, Reading and Science with the option for a writing test. This compared to the broader 10 sections  of the SAT test. This allows you to keep a stronger focus on the subjects at hand.

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