“The resources available through CSC are unsurpassed. We are very busy small business owners, and after hearing how time-consuming the college process is we were interested in some help. What began as a time crunch issue evolved into the realization of how little we really knew about finding the right college for our daughters at a price that we could afford. Because of their advice, our daughter ended up with a phenomenal award package to her top college choice. She told us she would have been “okay” attending one of the other schools on her list but now she is “extremely excited” to start college this fall! We are so happy for her! Thank you CSC – it works!”
The Grieshammer Family
“My daughter Olivia is going to Center College in Danville Kentucky – her DREAM school! Thanks to all of you at CSC and your wonderful help and support she received over $32,000 in Center and government money and a couple of additional small outside scholarships. The school offers the monthly payout for the rest which is incredibly helpful. Center is absolutely fabulous, very generous, and is perfect for Olivia. Check them out and see all the great press they are getting – Forbes magazine ranking them #1 etc. Never thought of Olivia being able to afford to go to a private school until we talked with you guys.”
Shannon A
“The specialist at CSC are experts in knowing how the financial award systems work. We sought the advice of CSC in order to receive the best financial aid package for our children’s college education. My husband and I always strive to buy only what we can pay for and minimize our debt. As a result, we live modestly but what we have is paid for. When we began to research financial aid opportunities, we discovered that our financial lifestyle worked totally against us.
All families have their own unique set of circumstances which affect their FAFSA information and aid entitlements. The specialists at CSC are experts in knowing how the financial award systems work. They can make suggestions specific to each situation which can definitely make dreams come true.”
The Pavisich Family
“In my daughter’s junior year of high school, I had learned about College Star Counseling. It sounded way too good to be true. After researching CSC, I had a 50/50 chance to take and knew that if I didn’t take it and this company would have helped me; I would be kicking myself every day for the rest of my life. So, I took a chance and even though the initial amount of money to start off was high being a low-income single parent; what price could I put on helping my daughter’s future? I am so thankful and grateful that I took the chance with CSC. Not having to worry about filing the FAFSA’s and CSC getting them done early was a HUGE benefit for the amount of financial aid available to my daughter. Having advisers and financial specialists at my finger tips and for me being able to ask questions anytime and get answers when I needed them was amazing. My money was well spent with CSC and I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you CSC for the best 4 years 🙂 I hope that you will someday carry over to graduate students.”
H. P.
“CSC is top shelf! Our family has been working with the CSC Team for over two and half years. They have been providing the utmost in professionalism and meaningful support in every aspect of the college process for our daughter Ashley Marino and family. Although there have been many individuals that have helped make a difference, most recently Nikki Sterpka has been especially helpful with the financial aid process. Our family is currently in a financial hardship situation and Nikki’s knowledge and commitment has positioned Ashley for potential additional college aid for the 2016-2017 school year. Our family is very grateful!”
Rocco Marino
“CSC was a real gift to my daughters. One decided to go to a university the same month she graduated from high school; I almost flipped out. CSC jumped right in and in the fall she was in the college of her dreams. CSC removed most of my stress as a result of their immediate action. Anytime I emailed I received a response within 2 days. Anytime I called, I received the answer to my questions. And the FAFSA! Not to have to deal with that alone makes CSC totally worth it!”
Patricia C.
“As I told you, as a rule, I rarely write testimonials. However, because of my level of satisfaction and the importance of your coaching and technology, I am happy to write about my experience.

When I think about college I think:
• This is one of the biggest investments of time, energy and intelligence my child will make in their life
• This is one of the biggest investments of money my child and I will make in their life
• College planning is so different than when my wife and I went to college.
• It is more complex and competitive than ever.
• Moreover, it is so much more expensive than ever.
• If I expect my child to do their best am I doing my best to make the most of this incredibly important event and stage of life?

All my concerns about college started to diminish immediately with the first contact. There is a plan, a process, a science and a technology that helped at every step. Moreover, as experts in the college admissions process, College Star Counseling/CPN knew about things I never knew about or anticipated.

Stated simply, my child had a true competitive advantage. He gained acceptance to the best possible school and was award more money than my wife and I ever imagined.

The fact that we are going to work together until my son has his diploma in hand makes my life simpler and gives me peace of mind. Like all good decisions you know it is “the right decision” when you wish you made it sooner.”

Jeff Smith, Grosse Pointe

Dear Harry,

We needed to let you know how invaluable your help was in making it possible to get our son an extraordinary amount of Financial Assistance that enables him to attend the University of Miami in the Fall of 2017.

We started late in the game with our senior, since we didn’t even know that a company like yours existed.  Even though we live in a “Google” world, which makes finding information extremely easy, it still takes real people to make things happen.

We are grateful for your tenacious and professional work ethic!  You were able to debunk the confusing financial assistance myths, negotiate with colleges, repeal low award letters and exponentially increase financial assistance amounts and in a nutshell GET THE JOB DONE!  Without your services we would not have been able to make it through this complicated maze.  We look forward to working together for years to come as we have two more sons that will be entering the college scene in the next few years.

If any of your current or future clients need to call us to discuss your services feel free to pass our number along.  Thanks for everything and looking forward to speaking soon!

The Brinker Family

Harry Gemuend and College Star Counseling came to the rescue!  New to the college scholarship/financial award process with my first child, and scrambling late in his senior year, I was not sure what to expect.  I have a great income by FAFSA standards, and my child is not the top student nor does he possess any outstanding or unusual talent, so my skepticism was high. College Star counseling entered into the picture and within a few weeks my son received a merit award scholarship that made his dream college a reality for us to afford. Thank you CSC for your prompt, knowledgeable, and dependable services. You made this overworked and overstressed mom a happy mom once again, and now thanks to your help, I can enjoy the last few months with my son before he is off to his college career. I will be using your services for my next child … and starting the process much sooner!!

Liggett School Mom


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